mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Dietician Day

Yup, today I finally break down and see the actual dietician recommended by my doctor. Here are some of the things I have on the list to ask her. Feel free to post other questions that you think she might be able to answer: I have an hour, so depending on how it goes, I may be able to get to them.

As long as you're getting enough carbs/protein/fat and enough vitamins and enough calories in a day, does it really matter where you get them from? (E.g. carbs from doughnuts, protein from ice cream. :-))

Should you eat several small meals, or a couple of big ones, and does it really matter?

What is a good eating plan (carbs/protein balance) for X workout schedule? (In other words, how long before/after a workout to eat, and what?)

To gain muscle bulk without adding fat, what's the best thing(s) to eat?

How many calories should I be eating in a day to maintain my weight?

WTF is this stupid Fitday "lifestyle" number based on, and choosing "bed bound," should I put in 8 hours of typing in the activities section to keep more accurate account of my caloric needs?

Is that 3500 calories per pound thing for gaining muscle as well as losing fat?

Do you need more vitamins on an over 2000-calorie a day diet? (I know zoot answered this, but I'm interested in what her opinion might be too.)

Questions about target heart rate and MET level, like, if you're at 85% of your maximum heart rate, can you call it "jogging" (referring to the intensity level and how many calories you burn doing it) even if you're just walking really fast? :-) If one guy is at 85% of MHR while jogging at 8mph, but I'm at 85% of MHR while walking at 4mph, are we exercising at the same intensity/burning the same number of calories, etc?

How much calcium do I need? (RDA says 1200, other places say 1500 ... )

Is it true that you burn fat for energy after exercising for over 30 minutes, but not until then?

Hrm. I may think of more later...
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