mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

My LOLGOD can beat up your LOLCAT

If you have not yet discovered the wonder and awe-inspiring artistic endeavor that is LOLCats (many of which exist on I Can Has Cheezburger), you're either missing out or you have the sort of sense of humor that ... well ... generally misses out on such things.

NOT that there's anything wrong with that. I understand that some otherwise perfectly normal and functional people don't find Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, or the 1970's/1980's Steve Martin humorous as well. While I feel a great sadness for all the laughter potential that such people miss, humor is, as they say, subjective, which is to say that that it is not verbive, or adjectiveive, or even participleive and so who's to say really what's funny or not (other than, perhaps, my fourth grade grammar teacher, but that's a little beside the point).

Back to the beauty of LOLCats. For some reason, among several of my friends, one of the most popular of these synergistic works of elegance in digital arts is the old standard "I made you a cookie ... but I eated it, complete with somewhat shamefaced feline obviously feeling a deep sense of regret for having eated your cookie.

And well he should!

After all, whether you're religious or atheist, you have to agree that if there IS, indeed, such a thing as "sin" in this world, there are few things more heinous than having made someone a cookie and then having eated it. (Well, there's rape, murder, torture, robbery, assault, William Shatner's hairdo and photoshopping pictures of Dick Cheney in bondage gear and a Wonder Woman outfit, but still, eating someone's cookie is still pretty heinous. Just, perhaps, not in the grand scheme of things. So to speak.)

At any rate, let it suffice to say that the LOLCats have managed to make their way into damn near every other Internet conversation I have nowadays, which is how we get to the point. (You knew there was one, right? I mean, the title of this entry isn't for show, now, is it?)

Recently, some of us were discussing 12-step programs on a friend's blog, and about how the whole religious aspect just really doesn't work for some people. (If you're not familiar with "12-step" programs, google 'em and this will make more sense. The conversation went something like this:

Me:I think the "powerless over alcohol" bit kind of always bugged me. It's like, wait, if *I* don't have any power over my [fill in destructive behavior] then who the fuck does?

I mean, even if you are religious, there's the whole "God helps those that help themselves" thing right? It's not like there's a big dude with a magic cookie out there or something.

At least, I never got my magic cookie.

I blame this, in part, for my disillusionment with organized religion as a whole.

Because, hey -- magic cookie!


There's a cookie?

Who eated my cookie? *sniffle*


God Maked You a Cookie -- But He Eated It

Sadly, this would turn out to be the funniest thing I'd seen all day.

The second funniest thing will have to wait until later.

ETA: There are now NSFW ... errr ... LOLGODs in the comments. Careful, folks. Not more than PG, but you know how some people are.
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