mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

The Benefits of Internet Penpals

Internet penpals can be amusing, entertaining, but most especially, educational. For example, today I have learned several important things from my own Internet penpal, who came for a visit on his way back from Burning Man.

I would now like to share some of these important life lessons with you.

1. A Yamaha Virago motorcycle cannot be driven into a standard horse-trailer unless you somehow chop out the bar between the doors in the back of the trailer so that the handlebars can fit through.

2. Once you have chopped out the bar between the doors of said trailer, a Yamaha Virago motorcycle can still not be driven into a standard horse-trailer because when your front tire hits the end of the trailer, your rear tire is still on the ramp.

2a. Using a 2-foot-wide ramp for a 500-pound motorcycle can be exciting and fun. Or dangerous. Or both.

3. Once you have sawn a giant hole into the saddle storage area of a standard horse-trailer, you will still need to remove some kind of saddle rack in the storage area, because although you can get the Yamaha Virago motorcycle IN to the trailer, it still bumps into the rack thingy and you cannot close the doors.

4. Apparently, the use of a tape measure is akin to asking for directions.

5. There are very few problems that cannot be solved with a Sawzall, a drill, chisels, duct tape, and, possibly, a welding rig.

6. Those problems could have been avoided in the first place had one used a tape measure.

7. Tape measures are for sissies.
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