mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

A Brief Moment to Brag

Okay, I have to brag. I went back through my fitness journal, and on July 12, I was able to do one mile in about 27 minutes. On Sept 12, I did TWO miles in a little under 27 minutes. That's two months of just increasing little by little, only by as much as was comfortable, and backing down on the speed or length of time if I needed to.

Okay, granted I was pushing a little bit for that two miles in 26:47, but not in a painful way or anything.

I am really, really, really stoked. It's not that two miles in 27 minutes is like Olympic time, or even close -- it's the fact that there's been this much improvement in what I can do in only two months, and WITHOUT hurting myself, or even making myself very uncomfortable.

I wonder if I can squeeze in another mile by November 12? :-)

I never understood people who worked out because they wanted to, but I'm actually liking it. It definitely helps to have the journal, though, so I can look back and see the difference. Otherwise, I'd probably get discouraged.

Yay, me!

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