mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

GlamGuns, Gullibility, and What's Wrong with America

I think I've discovered one of the reasons so many people are ready to believe that the Hello Kitty AK-47 is a real thing. We were just down at the neighborhood grocery store picking up groceries, and we found (and, while I wish I were, I am SO not making this up) a digital, MUSICAL, Spongebob Squarepants rectal thermometer.

You heard me correctly.

It is bright yellow, with a large, smiling, yellow, square Spongebob head at the top. (Not, presumably, the bit that actually enters the ... err ... area in which a rectal thermometer typically enters.)

Don't believe me? I even found it at Amazon. I also saw one where the packaging looks vaguely like Spongebob ecstatically receiving the services of a rectal thermometer (although this second one is sans the giant plastic square head which, one might imagine, could make Mr. Squarepants a bit less ecstatic about the whole thing. Hard to say for sure, though. Maybe he likes that kind of thing. NOT that there's anything wrong with that.).

Charlie, of course, immediately started singing (to the tune of the Spongebob theme song) "Who lives in a brownhole behind where you pee? Spongebob! Squarepants!"

And then he bought it for my Dad for his birthday.

In a world where such a thing exists, is a Hello Kitty Assault Rifle really any more ... wrong?

You tell me, my friends. You tell me.
Tags: bizarre, charlie, glamguns, hello kitty

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