mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

The Obligatory Paul Potts Entry

Better late than never. I've just been listening to Nessun Dorma sung by Paul Potts and then by Pavarotti back to back. My initial thought is that if both of them were in, say, HMS Pinafore, Pavarotti should play the Captain and Paul Potts should play Rafe.

If you never saw Paul Potts' audition video on "Britain's Got Talent," see if you can find a bootleg copy out there. It's wonderful. Don't bother trying You-Tube -- it's been removed from there for "copyright" reasons.


ETA: In the comments, someone has found a link to Paul's audition video on YouTube. Also, what I meant by the "Pinafore" comment was that Pavarotti's voice was "older" and richer than Potts', while Potts sounded more like the "young male lead." I was wondering if Potts really had a great voice, or if it was just his whole story that made it seem like it, but listening to he and Pavarotti doing the same aria back to back really sort of brought it home that, yes, his voice is pretty damn good.
Tags: misc, music, paul potts

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