mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Funniest Thing Ever

For some reason, I go through these phases where something is the "Funniest Thing Ever." Like, for awhile, it was the GlamGuns weaponry, and then for awhile it was the LOLTheist cross between LOLcats and religious art. Of course, LOLCats took its place in there as well. (I still think all of those are funny, by the way.)

At the moment (and I have no idea why) it's takeoffs of those "motivational" posters. For example, this one. I have to say that this one cracked me up because I know for a fact that Dad, a math professor, has had actual answers like this on tests. (I often tell him he ought to save the best of these and make a book, but I think some sort of sad University privacy policy prevents that. Damn University.)

Then there's this one, which made me about die laughing, but will sadly only be funny to Terry Pratchett fans, and possibly not all of those. I think it's the juxtaposition of the Agnus Dei artwork and the Pratchett reference that really just makes this for me.

Of course, there are the Despair, Inc. "de-motivational" posters which have always been amusing.

It just seems as though *everything* can be made funnier by putting it in the context of one of those "motivational" posters.

Anyone else go through phases like this? What's your current "Funniest Thing Ever?"

Or is it just me?
Tags: humor, lolcats, loltheist, misc
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