mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Threat Condition: Red

So, I'm taking a flight tomorrow morning and I decide to check out the TSA's list of things that one cannot take in one's carryon luggage.

Which inspired the following brief IM conversation:

mrsveteran: I am pissed that I cannot take my tear gas and ice axe on the plane with me.
mrsveteran: Also, my meat cleaver.
mrsveteran: WTF am I going to do without my meat cleaver?
     sushirob: those cruel bastards
mrsveteran: Bastards.
mrsveteran: WTF? And no cricket bats or hockey sticks???
mrsveteran: NO SPEAR GUNS???
mrsveteran: What is this, Communist Russia??
     sushirob: what if you come against sharks with frickin' lasers on their head?
mrsveteran: No shit.
mrsveteran: Not even a measly chainsaw, for fuck's sake.
mrsveteran: Jesus.

Yup, sorry, that's all I've got. Been ill, then my Dad was ill, then me again, and between doctors and work and hospitals and what-have-you, I have not had time to blog Teh Funnay(tm).

Or even Teh Not-So-Funnay(tm).

But I'll be back, dammit! I will!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled friends list, already in progress.
Tags: im snippets, sushirob, tsa

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