mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Random IM Snippet of the Day, take 54

11:47 PM - sushirob: just wanted to point out you fail at sleeping.
11:47 PM - mrsveteran: The hell you say!
11:47 PM - mrsveteran: I'm sound asleep right now!
11:48 PM - sushirob: pictures or it never happened
11:48 PM - mrsveteran: No, no. I can assure you. This is all a very vivid dream.
11:48 PM - sushirob: You probably can, but I'm not sure I can accept such testimony.
11:48 PM - mrsveteran: Oh, come now. Why would I lie?
11:49 PM - sushirob: You could be self delusional.
11:49 PM - mrsveteran: And besides that, how could I possibly lie in my sleep?
11:49 PM - mrsveteran: It's inconceivable!
11:50 PM - sushirob: well, you've stated that your subconscious hates you, so you are lying to yourself to express that hatred
11:50 PM - mrsveteran: Hm.
11:50 PM - mrsveteran: *ponders the logic*
11:50 PM - mrsveteran: Sorry, I can't argue with that: I'm asleep now.
11:50 PM - sushirob: oh, well played.
11:51 PM - mrsveteran: Thank you. I thought so myself.

11:52 PM - sushirob: i want grilled ahi
11:52 PM - mrsveteran: Oh, you bastard.
11:52 PM - sushirob: oh don't worry, you're asleep and don't want any.
11:53 PM - mrsveteran: I'm SO posting this to my blog.
Tags: im snippets, sushirob

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