mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

On the US Presidential Election

You know, I usually try to keep my posts here amusing and light, but I want to be serious just this once. I feel that it's critical to the health and welfare of the USA as a whole that Barack Obama wins this election.

I have never donated to a political campaign -- until now.
I have never voted for a candidate I wanted to win (just against one I wanted to lose) -- until now.
I have never felt much hope for the future of our country based on a candidate -- until now.

I'm not 100% happy with Obama's policies. For example, as you may know, gay marriage is one of my personal hot-button issues, and while I understand why Obama is steering clear of that issue, it hits a nerve. There are other areas where we differ as well. But in this time, in this place, I think he may be the last best hope for the US.

Sound dramatic? Sure. But we're in dramatic times. We simply cannot afford more of the same as the last 8 years. 

We can. Not. Afford it.

So I'm asking you now: if you support Obama, or if you just want to see a change in the party that holds the office of the President, please help.

You can donate money at
You can volunteer in your area at
You can help make calls to get out the vote at
And many other options can be found at

If you can donate one dollar, it will help. If you can make one phone call or talk to one neighbor, it will help. If you can post these links on your blog, it will help.

And most important of all: VOTE.  Early voting has already started in some states. Remember, vote early, vote often!

Er ... I mean ... yeah. Vote early, anyway. What if you get hit by a car before voting day?

We can make this happen. Together.

Yes, we can.

Thank you.

And good night. :-)

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