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Dear Barack Obama:

Dude. You know I love ya, man. I totally got your back. But hey, listen: I'm a disabled vet with a chronic illness. I only work part-time. I've got medical bills up the wazoo, and dogs and cats to support. Yet even so, I've donated to your campaign not once, not twice, but more than three times now.

Listen, man, I'm not complaining -- really, I've got it pretty damn good compared to a lot of people in this country. But I have to tell you, next time you run for President, for God's sake get someone to code in something to your mass email software so that you don't keep asking for donations when someone just donated THAT DAY.

Seriously. Get it coded. Or call me and I'll code it for you, no charge. Because after donating again today for the final push toward election day, I've gotten two more emails asking me to donate "just one last time." 

Bud, you've totally got my support. In fact, I've already voted for you through early voting, so it's not like the extra donation requests are going to lose you a vital part of the vote in my State with its five, count 'em, five whole electoral votes. It's just that, hey, I'm down with the grassroots effort, and I'm beyond impressed that you've managed to get as far as you have without special interest money and so forth, but you know, the economy kind of sucks right now and it's a bit difficult to pull funds together, so a 24-hour break from donation requests once someone has donated would be a kindness.

Just sayin'. Hey, don't take it personally, though. Remember: who loves ya, baby? That's right: it's MrsV.

Don't party too hearty on election night, man, and give Michelle a hug for me. I sometimes think this campaign might be tougher on her than on anyone and she has kicked ASS throughout it all.

Love and hugs,


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