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Random Announcements

"Garfield Minus Garfield" is beating XKCD for Best Online Comic. Dilbert is way behind. Get involved; vote here:

Rumor has it that much of the SF staff of Livejournal has been laid off. This may not be good for LJ as a whole. Back up your blogs. Just sayin'. I like LJbook, myself, but it seems to be busy. LJArchive has also been known to work. My suggestion is that you change your LJ password before and after you use these, though.

There's also a nifty Python script called "LJDump" that you might want to use if you know how to run a Python script. The main problem with ljdump is that it seems to dump *all* your blog entries, in order, in one directory, but without naming them by date or anything. So, you end up with "L-1,L-2,L-3..." and so forth. It dumps it in XML/plain text, so if worst came to worst you can at least read them. So far, it also seems to be grabbing comments. More info here, for the geeks in the audience.




I'm still sick. GRR. I'm partly back to work, though.

ETA: Another link with info about the LJ thing: (via diachrony. Thanks, babe! )


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