mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Random IM Snippet #22

7:46 PM - sushirob: how the FUCK did you get me to start eating spam in the first place
7:46 PM - mrsveteran: Dude, I don't know how I do these things: I just do.
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: It's like innate talent.
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: If I question my powers, I shall lose them.
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: So I don't question shit.
7:47 PM - sushirob: talk about useless superpowers
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: "Spam-Eating Powers: ACTIVATE!"
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: "Form of ..."
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: "er .."
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: "Of ..."
7:47 PM - mrsveteran: "Someone ... eating SPAM!"
7:48 PM - sushirob: you need to work on your flair for the dramatic
7:48 PM - mrsveteran: You could be right.
7:48 PM - mrsveteran: Either that or get a better fucking superpower. I mean, geez.
Tags: im snippets

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