mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,


"We really need to write another story, like the sushi saga," Rob said to me as we left the Coldstone Creamery.

"Yeah, we really should," I said.

"The problem is, our lives really aren't that interesting," he went on.

I looked at him for a moment, astounded that he could say such a thing.

"Rob." I said. "The sushi experience wasn't all that interesting. Picking up our dog at the animal shelter wasn't all that interesting. Moving a bunch of crap out of my uncle's house wasn't all that interesting! It's the whole writing-about-it thing that makes it interesting in the first place!"

"Well ..." he said, unconvinced.

"Why, hell, I could probably write a whole saga just about getting you to do a FitDay journal," I exclaimed.

He turned to look at me skeptically. "Oh, I don't think so," he said, "I mean, what could you do with that? Seriously."

"Rob." I said. "I got like two thousand words out of you and your cell phone addiction."

Rob was beginning to look a bit nervous, "Okay, well, I still call slander on that one," he began.

I waved him off. "Sure, sure, whatever, but seriously. We could totally do the FitDay experience."

"I don't know ... I still don't really think you could take that anywhere."

I looked at him.

"Is that ... a challenge?" I asked, in a deceptively gentle tone of voice.

Rob looked a bit anxious now. "I ... I don't KNOW!"

Truthfully, I didn't know either. But it definitely had ... shall we say ... possibilities.

(and yes, I will be finishing "Method and Process." Just had to get this out.)

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