mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

The Adventures of Deadly Lampshade: Part III

I took a few deep breaths, and reminded myself not to panic. After all, the dogs had brand new collars on -- maybe someone just lost them. They could have just snuck out under the fence for a jolly day in the park and lost their way while a desperate family and tearful children remained frantic at the loss of Fluffy and Hopper. It was entirely possible that said frantic family would check in at the pound, and reclaim their lost ones with a sigh of relief (and a nice little check for the pound's trouble) and that this would all be irrelevant anyway.

"Well, we've got a few days," I said. "I'll put an ad in the paper in the 'Found' section, and maybe their owners will pick them both up."

Charlie seemed to think that was reasonable, so I let it drop after one last "That little black one was so cute, though."

Hey, I had to get my last licks in.

The next few days were awash with breathless anticipation. Well, actually, no they weren't. I did think about the dogs every so often, and of course my animal rights ally in the Dean's office asked about them when I dropped by, but overall I was becoming resigned to the idea that someone would surely pick them up in a few days. It was inconceivable to me that someone would just abandon a pair of nice and friendly dogs like that. I mean ... why would you do that? If nothing else, I'd think that people would take them to the Humane Society and give them up for adoption, rather than loosing them into the world of cars and trucks and sticker bushes and (in various places in town) cows, skunks, and the occasional mountain lion. Even possible euthanasia (if no one adopted them) seemed like a kinder alternative than being let out to be hit by a car, to be left mangled in pain like an old crumpled grocery sack while people drove by, oblivious. No. No one would just let a couple of perfectly good dogs just ... go.

I did go down and visit them once a day, but that was only because I couldn't stand the thought of them sitting there, all alone, without anyone to give them some love and affection -- even if it was only for five minutes, I managed to sneak down there. They were always glad to see me, especially the little black one that I loved so much, and always seemed sad to see me go. It almost broke my heart how polite they were about it, though. Just a little sad, half-hearted whine when I turned to go, then a tired trudging away to the back of the pen, as though they knew it was no use hoping I'd stay.

Damn those dogs, anyway!

Finally, it got to be the day when the dogs were up for grabs, so to speak. Charlie agreed we could go down and get one -- ONE! -- of them, so we picked up some dog food and dog dishes and a leash, and headed out to the pound.

To be continued ...

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