mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

One point five pie

The Gold and Silver Inn is possibly the oldest family restaurant in my town. It's been around since the 50's, or possibly before, and still has that kind of Mom & Pop "greasy spoon" sort of atmosphere. The sound system plays 50's music while the waitresses run back and forth between smoking and non, carrying stacks of plates in an amazing ballet of coffee shop virtuosity.

It's charming, and homey, and comforting in a way, but then, so are many other restaurants in town. What the other restaurants don't have, however, is Renate's homemade pies.

Oh, the pies, the pies! Renate's homemade pies! You can tell tales about your Marie Callender's all you like, my friends, but Marie has nothing on Renate. In fact, Marie is to Renate as I, myself, am to Alton Brown of "Good Eats" fame. Anyone who knows me and my *cough* not so *cough* elite cooking skills (sushirob will back me up on this, I'm sure) knows that there is simply no comparison.

While you can go to the Gold & Silver for an actual meal (I recommend the Macho Burger and fried mozarella sticks, myself), or even breakfast which is served 24 hours a day, the main reason you go to Gold & Silver is for the pie.

"Hey, let's go to Gold & Silver and get a piece of pie!" you'll say to your friends, your family, your date, whoever. Sure, you can get coffee too, but you go for the pie.

My personal favorite at the moment is the cherry pie. You get it heated up with a scoop of ice cream on the top, and it is the food of the GODS, my friends, the very gods. Charlie likes the Dutch Apple pie, and I have to admit, in the absence of cherry pie, it's pretty damn good as well.

Maybe the best part of all is that you never get just one piece of pie at the Gold & Silver. You get at least a piece and a half. I mean, it's like a quarter of a pie sometimes!

Some days, when it's cold and I'm feeling sad and blue, I yearn for the Gold & Silver and a piece of Renate's pie.

Mmmmm ... one point five pie.
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