mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

What do you do. What DO you do?

During my work days, I write code. Or hack code. Or both. I do C, Perl, PHP, the occasional Java, Javascript, or C++: that kind of thing. From time to time, I'll configure a router or troubleshoot a network connection, but mostly I write code.

I have the next two days off from work. So, what do you think I'll do?

Write code.

This time, though, it's my code. Well, mostly. I also have to hack Charlie's PHPbb system so that the logo is a flash thingy instead of a gif, but that's pretty minor.

I have to convert my reminder service to MySQL from plain text files. I have to hack my main quiz program to be able to offer feedback on quiz questions/answers during the grading process. I have to make my penpal site software work better on the search for teachers, and handle bounced mail and bannings a little better. I have to hack my Amazon store to rank better in the search engines, since I barely have time before Christmas shopping season. I need to make my rotating banner program allow uploads so people don't have to (*gasp*) know any HTML to set it up.

I will feel so happy once I'm done, though. Maybe I will celebrate with pie.

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