September 26th, 2004


Headed for jail

Inspired by my newly clean common areas, I decided it was time to clean up what's known as "The Cats' Room." The reason the cats have their own room is sort of a compromise from when we moved in with Dad. For one thing, our cats, although indoor-only cats, are not declawed. We've thought about that from time to time (usually after they'd shredded another piece of carpet right by the door, or the leg of a sofa), but really, having one's fingers chopped off to the first knuckle seemed like a bit harsh of a punishment for clawing up what is, after all, a piece of fabric-covered wood, so, as I said, the cats are not declawed. Mom and Dad had only been divorced for maybe a year at that time, too, and Mom had loved that house so much, we didn't want to ban her from it, and she's so terribly allergic to cats that giving them free run of the place would have effectively exiled her permanently.

So the cats are confined to the upstairs living area.

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