October 28th, 2005


Input needed

Okay, so I have to go to an office Halloween party this evening, and, as usual, I am totally unprepared. Last year I wore a sari and went as a Hindu goddess, so that's out this year. The previous year, I wore a computer troubleshooting T-shirt and camo pants and went as a "Dot-Combat Veteran." Here are my choices for this year:

1. Camoflage pants, skin tight black turtleneck, a bunch of jewelry, high-heeled black boots, and an AK-47: I'll go as Glambo. (Of course, I'd take the bolt out of the AK or otherwise disable it.)

2. Black pirate shirt, black 3-musketeers style vest, black pants, thigh-high low-heel leather boots (they've got the fold-over flap so they look pirate/zorro-ish), black mask: I'll go as Zorro. (Problem: I have no sword. That kind of kills the whole image.)

3. Hair up, conservative dress, glasses: I'll go as a librarian.

4. Swath myself in layers of blue-green sari fabric (sort of randomly, and not sari-ish) and go as a water spirit.

As of this writing (11:34 PST, 12:24 Mountain, 1:34pm Central, 2:34 Eastern), I have approximately 6 hours to decide. So ... what do y'all think?