January 3rd, 2006


Dad and the Cardiac Episode

Apparently, Dad was having some kind of heart thingy yesterday. His blood pressure was skyrocketing up and crashing (154/90 to 80/50), as was his pulse (up to 140 at rest) and he was feeling dizzy and not all that well off and on. According to the doctor, this was not strong enough to be called a "cardiac event" (read "massive heart attack") but more like a "cardiac episode" (maybe a mild heart attack, blood clot, or something).

"Good news," Dad greeted me with after getting back from his regular doctor, "there IS something wrong and it's not my imagination!"

You would have to have endured many, many visits to the ER and/or doctors and/or radiology places where none of them could find anything to understand why this was "good news." Trust me, all things are relative.

He's at the cardiologist now, after seeing his regular doc. Good thing I went and made him call the doctor yesterday -- he didn't want to, and mumbled something about "well, if I thought I was dying or anything, I'd call," and I said, "Dad. The last time you had 'a little stomach ache' it was because your gallbladder had gangrene. I think 'a little dizziness' is a good reason to call the doctor."


Oh, yes, in case you were wondering, "cardiac event" is the newspeak for "heart attack" apparently. It is
the double-plus goodspeak way to refer to such things.

Just so you know.

As a side note, I think "Dad and the Cardiac Episode" would make a great children's book. I wonder if I could get whistlebinky to illustrate it?

[Update: Dad's back and is wearing a cardiac monitor for 24 hours. I guess we'll know more tomorrow.]