November 1st, 2006

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The Year After Glambo: Part VII - The Exciting Conclusion

I told him what I was "supposed to be."

He cringed.

I added the pop quiz, (the one with base eight) which he took gingerly. "Um ... uh ... okay. There's no freakin' way," he said.

I went to grab it, as was my wont, but he suddenly brought it close to his eyes, and said, "Hey, wait a minute -- this quiz made possible by funding from a grant donated by Coca Cola? What the hell?"

I looked him straight in the eye and replied nonchalantly, "Well, I did say it was a 'pop' quiz."
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Happy Geburtstag to du!

Heute ist es der Geburtstag von xviragox und von yourdemonlover!

Now, I usually don't make birthday announcements, mostly because I usually forget because people do not follow the official Birthday Policy. However, a couple of days ago, my friend in Germany sent me a German e-card for my birthday, and the word "Geburtstag" made me giggle. In addition, yourdemonlover has conspired with numerous other people (well, really, just plklives) to mention his birthday several times a day for the last three or four days, and xviragox hinted at today being a birthday sort of day so that I just saw it on my friends' list.

So. I'd like everyone to join me in singing the Happy Birthday song, Germglish-style! No, I have no idea if either of them speak German (although I'm pretty sure they speak English). I just like the word "Geburtstag." It's funny! It's a funny, funny word! Yes! It is happy-making! It will make you giggle as well, I swear!

Try it yourself: "Geburtstag! Geburtstag! Geburtstag!"

Okay, here we go!

Happy Geburtstag to du!
Happy Geburtstag to du!
Happy Geburtstag, liebe xviragox und yourdemonlover!
Happy Geburtstag to du!
Now trink some Bieeeeeeeeeer!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Copyright THAT, Michael Jackson.