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November 17th, 2004

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01:58 pm - To whom it may concern:
Your credit card has not been charged, and you do not need to confirm the nonexistent charge by clicking here.

Your bank account with SunTrust, CapitalOne, Wells Fargo, US Bank, or Bank of America is not going to be shut down for fraud unless you click this link.

Your ISP is not going to cut you off for spamming/MP3 downloading/running a hidden proxy server unless you instantly read the instructions in the attached file.

Dora is not a 19-year-old coed who found your name on the Internet and is hot for you. Not only is she not hot for you, but her webcam is not free.

It is not a good idea to submit your social security number and bank information to a Mortgage Refinancing company who cannot spell "Mortgage" nor "Loan" correctly in the email they send you, no matter HOW low of an interest rate they promise.

And do you really want to buy a Septic Tank system from someone who spells it "S..e..p..t..1..k.T..@../\/..|<?" There is no such thing as a "Food and Drug Administration authorised producer in Republic of India" where you can legally buy narcotics online. And you probably shouldn't buy Vicodin from someone who spells it "cVecodeen" and sends emails with teensy tiny text in Latin or with only half of various jokes. The guy in Nigeria/Iraq/China/Ivory Coast/North Korea is NOT a long-lost relative of yours, and does NOT have 30 MILLION US DOLLARS and will not give you a percentage of it anyway. That attachment that comes with a friendly message was NOT sent by anyone you know (EVEN THOUGH their email address appears in the "From:" line) and what's more, the attachment probably contains a virus. Your eBay or PayPal account is not going to be cut off unless you click this link. In fact, if you'll notice, you probably got that email to an address that you don't use (and have never used) for eBay or Paypal. YOU HAVE NOT WON THE NETHERLANDS INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY. I don't care how many people tell you that you have. Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but I wanted to let you know ... You cannot believe everything you get in email, or see online. It's shocking, I know, but true. Hope this helps, MrsVeteran

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Date:November 17th, 2004 10:31 pm (UTC)
It's not all true????
[User Picture]
Date:November 17th, 2004 10:34 pm (UTC)
yeah? yeah? well. well....

All your base are belong to us!

And you're just trying to keep Dora for yourself...
[User Picture]
Date:November 17th, 2004 10:57 pm (UTC)
Did someone clean out their spam account today?
[User Picture]
Date:November 17th, 2004 11:04 pm (UTC)
My penis is way too small. How do all these people know about it?

[User Picture]
Date:November 18th, 2004 12:15 am (UTC)
Mine too!

But the pump I ordered + the 100% pure Taiwan viagra + the $25 PhD from Harvord University should fix it! At least it should impress my brand new Ukranian wife! She will be delivered by UPS within two weeks.
[User Picture]
Date:November 18th, 2004 01:29 am (UTC)
Nice try, but I see through your little scheme. I learned logic by watching Captain Kirk outsmart computers, so you never really stood a chance.

If, as you say, I "cannot believe everything you get in email, or see online", and yet I'm seeing this online, then I cannot believe you. That's Logic!

NTS: Dora is hot for me!
[User Picture]
Date:November 18th, 2004 02:20 am (UTC)
Bill Gates will send me $500,000 for posting this comment in 20 livejournal entries.
[User Picture]
Date:November 18th, 2004 03:43 am (UTC)

Yes, he will.

My friend is a lawyer, and she says this is legit.
Date:November 18th, 2004 04:54 am (UTC)
If you do not forward this LJ entry to at least 15 friends in the next 30 seconds, your penis will fall off. If you are female, you will grow a penis.

And then it will fall off.

I sw34r this is tru.
Date:November 18th, 2004 06:42 pm (UTC)
Well...will I have the penis long enough to figure out if it's as fun a toy as the guys want us to think???
[User Picture]
Date:November 18th, 2004 03:49 pm (UTC)
sandy got this same message but DIDN"T pass it on and then the next day SHE DIED.*

*sandy was 99

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