mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

First Thanksgiving - A True Story

It would be her first Thanksgiving spent in freedom in over three years. That she would be spending it alone was regrettable, but no more than she expected. She tried not to dwell on it, and just be thankful that she was out in the real world again. It was hard, though.

In with her stash of soups and canned goods, she'd had a single can of turkey pot pie soup that she had been saving for this day. At least, she thought, she'd have something with turkey on Thanksgiving. With no family nearby, and her roommate going off to another friend's house, it wouldn't be like a real Thanksgiving, of course, but she held onto the soup as a way of having just a small part of the tradition. Turkey on Thanksgiving: it was important. In a way, it might seem silly, but it was symbolic.

The night before Thanksgiving, her roommate asked if he could borrow a can of her food for a quick meal, and of course, she agreed. When he chose the turkey pot pie soup, she bit her tongue and didn't say anything. Just forced a smile, and watched as he ate her only Thanksgiving dinner.

That night, it rained and the winds howled like lost souls.

It seemed appropriate.

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