mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Calculator mad: Time to goal weight

Okay, I'm going calculator-crazy. This is a scary one. It calculates your approximate calorie needs, and given a goal weight, tells you how long to reach it and gives you a schedule of how many calories you can eat along the way. The more weight you lose, the less you can eat and still keep losing, so this gives kind of a schedule. sushirob says I should put a link to a suicide hotline on it. :-) (It is kind of depressing, in a way.)

Time to reach goal weight

When it says "cutting intake by X%," it assumes that you're currently eating enough to maintain your current weight, and are not currently gaining or losing.

NB: If you can't reach your goal weight in 10 years, it will show no results. I noticed that when I entered 200 as my weight, and 80 as my goal weight, it didn't show me the chart for cutting intake by 5% and instead, started at 10%.

If you are entering something large like wanting to lose 100 pounds or more, your browser may have trouble loading the page. I entered my weight now as 450 and my goal weight as 180, and it loaded fine for me, but I've got beaucoup RAM. YMMV.

Zoot, if you see this, do you think I should make it refuse to show the schedule if the calorie intake per day is less than, say, 1000 or so? I kind of worry about people with eating disorders hitting the site, going down to the "cut intake by 40%" and going, "Woo hoo, I can lose 20 pounds in 2 months if I eat 200 calories a day!"

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