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"It Came to me at 5:30am": Intermission

After my doctor's appointment this afternoon, I decided to go by the office and see how the judging went. (Well, and also to take the promised pictures of my Magnum Opus for you, my dear LJ friends.) The HR director commented on how we were very brave to have done something like that. "Yeah," he said, "you never know how people are going to take something like this but you -- you didn't let that hold you back. You just went for it."

Hm. I wasn't sure whether to be scared or not. I asked him when the judging was going to happen, and he said that three of the judges had already been by this morning. Unfortunately, the fourth judge had the flu and so did not make it by today. Therefore, they have not declared a winner. Three of the four judges have voted, but ain't nobody sayin' nothin' about what it looks like.

I wish, somehow, that these pictures could give you even a slight idea of the sheer visual impact our Christmas Window has. Sadly, they cannot. And yet, a glimmer of brilliance is there, if you look really hard, and perhaps, click your heels together three times and drink a gallon of Tequila.

The full window:

Closeup of the ransom note:

I guess we'll find out tomorrow the results of the judging. On the good side, I neither A) got fired nor B) got asked to take the window down.

So those are definite plusses, IMHO.

[To be continued...]
Tags: elves ransom note, office window
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