mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Is it just me ...

Or is spam more and more coming to resemble one of those poems by Stan Rice you used to find scattered throughout Anne Rice books? For example:

A poem in free verse

precede constriction questionnaire indolence with?
DNA as relent exhilarating soliloquy.
impression of nonverbal an dismissive nonsensical!

of nitrogen unreasonable
the tandem web, the of automatic,

muffin as heart-to-heart as finances.

the vigilant loot as predetermined
the frankness in but an unparalleled iffy,
a it fraught top-notch correction

        family planning
              the rigmarole manipulate

vital statistics pointy
or masquerade nightgown unabated absorbent.

blue jay insensitively breeze to biologist:
a arena

good-looking resonant characteristically.

quarrel distrustfully

idiocy dinghy a but freight

we are lost in shadow

I can just hear the beat-poet jazz playing in the background like in "I married an Axe Murderer."

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