mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Fun with co-workers

So, msretro mentioned that she laid carpet for the first time recently, which reminded me of a story. (Every time I hear the phrase "laying/laid carpet" it reminds me of this.)

Charlie, as some of you may know, used to do flooring for a living. Carpet, tile, stone, marble, wood -- you name it, he put it on someone's floor somewhere. He also worked in some really interesting locations from rural out-in-the-middle of nowhere trailers to casinos, multi-million-dollar Lake Tahoe mansions, and even, as was the case this day, some of the Nevada legal brothels.

So, this one day he was out doing the floors at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch (think bunnies of the Playboy type only not as airbrushed) and when he came home, he had one of his co-workers with him who hadn't met me before. I said, "Hey, hon, so whatcha been doing today?"

This kid bursts out with, "Oh, we were up at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch all day..." and then he kind of slaps his hand over his mouth, and his eyes get all wide and terrified as he looks back and forth from me to Charlie.

"Oh REAAAALLLY," I said, glaring at Charlie. "And what exactly were you DOING at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch? Hmmm?"

Charlie says, "Um ... you know ... laying carpet."

"Laying carpet," I said, still glaring. "Is THAT what they're calling it now?"

The kid goes, "Um, I gotta go get something in the car," and he RUNS out of the house like all the demons of hell were after him.

Charlie and I about DIED laughing.

Scaring Charlie's co-workers is one of my super-powers.

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