mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Thought for the Day

For some time now, I've wondered why antidepressant medications have all these warnings of increased suicide risk. I mean, honestly, isn't an antidepressant supposed to help so that you DON'T feel depressed and WON'T want to kill yourself? So, what kind of crappy antidepressant lists all sorts of suicide watch warnings, and lists suicide as a potential side effect? Since the new med I'm taking for chronic pain is also an antidepressant, I had to wonder: does this stuff have the potential to MAKE me suicidal? Is there some weird brain chemistry thing that just acts on certain people to have the opposite effect of antidepression? Just what I need, right?

I finally got the answer yesterday, while randomly browsing the 'Net, at

"Here's the deal - one of the main factors in drug-related suicide is
that when someone is nearly catatonic in a well of infinite hurt waiting
for the sweet release of death, they're just too damned depressed to
actually do anything about it!
And when an antidepressant works just a
little bit it gives them enough energy and clarity of thought to
accomplish the one thing on their mind."

(Bold mine.) I'd never thought about it that way, but it makes about the most sense of anything I've ever read.
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