mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Apparently NOT Sugar and Spice After All...

So apparently my brother was watching this educational-type program with Taylor. I don't remember the name of it, but I've seen it: they start out on earth, and then go ten to the first power, ten to the second power, ten to the three, ten to the four, etc, until they're waaaaaaaaay out in space looking back at the Milky Way Galaxy. (As it turns out, I believe the film was Powers of 10 as photog42 posted in the comments below.)

Anyway, after that, they turn it around and go down, down, down to Earth, to some guy, and into his finger, past the cells and the molecules to the very atoms themselves.

"Wow, what's THAT?" asked Taylor.

"Those are atoms," my brother replied. "Everything is made up of these little tiny things called atoms."

"Everything?" Taylor asked, amazed by it all.

"Yes, everything," his dad told him.

"Are boys made up of atoms?" Taylor asked, just wanting to make sure he had things straight.

"Yes, of course," said my brother.

Taylor thought about the implications of that for a moment, while my brother looked on proudly with the thrill of a good parent having taught their child something educational.

"Dad?" Taylor asked after a moment.

"What?" his dad said.

"Are girls made up of Eves?"
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