mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Naked Guns: Part One

I was in that hazy, floating state of almost asleep when Charlie tiptoed into the bedroom. Gently, he leaned over and put his arm, ever-so-tenderly, about my shoulders. I snuggled back against him, and sleepily murmured, "Hey sweetie."

"Thanks for trusting me," he said softly, and lightly kissed the back of my head.

"For what?" I mumbled, still not quite awake. He was silent, as though not sure how to respond. A glimmer of an idea flickered in the back of my head, suddenly.

"You mean about going out to the range without me with the hot, naked, European chicks?" I asked him.

There was a brief pause. "Well, you have to admit," he said, "a lot of people would get a bit freaked out and possessive in that situation."

"Hmeh," I said. "Half of the people I've met that are freaked out and possessive are cheaters themselves, and the other half just don't have much faith in themselves or their relationship."

"I love you so much," he said and gave me a hug.

We lay snuggled in companionable silence for awhile.

"I guess I didn't really think about it," he said, "but in hindsight, maybe 'Yeah, come on over and bring those naked pictures you took while we were out at the range and my wife will be happy to help you download them' could sound like kind of a bad idea."

I giggled. It did sound pretty bad, put that way, even though it was all perfectly innocent.

(I'll pause here for a brief moment while those readers whose heads have exploded take a moment to wipe the brains off the monitor.)

"Now, wait just a minute there, MrsV!" I hear some of you shriek, "Let me get this straight: are you trying to say that your husband, your dear Charlie whom we all know and love from your entries in this here blog here, this paragon of virtue who has even engendered his own small fan club, went out to the range (leaving you at home in your illness) with some hot European chicks, who then, at some point, got naked and took naughty pictures of themselves, and then he brought one of the aforementioned hot chicks home with a USB drive and had you DOWNLOAD said naughty pictures?"


To which I would reply, "Whoa, there, settle down, campers!"

You see, this all will make much more sense once you know ... the REST of the story.

(to be continued here)
Tags: guns, stories
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