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Bad Kitty! or "How I became a rabid feminist and a rabid anti-feminist at the same time" Part I

It all started with Hello Kitty, and a feminist blog. Now, for some people, Hello Kitty is a cute and fun affirmation of all that is happy and good in life. She's pink! She's a kitty! She has no mouth! You can get fluffy pink socks knit with shiny eyelash yarn with her face on them! I mean, really, in this crazy, mixed-up world, what could be better than that?

For other people, Hello Kitty is the epitome of evil, and represents all that is wrong with the world. Indeed, as I've mentioned before, Hello Kitty, as with all things, has a dark side.

On this particular day, however, a day like any other, Hello Kitty was suddenly to become one of the most controversial and divisive issues to face the modern world since the 1960's.

The aforementioned blog is maintained by one ginmar. She's an Iraq vet who, among other things, posts long and passionate essays on feminist issues, particularly rape and violence against women. I happened upon her blog not long ago, and while I don't agree with her on some things, and she doesn't agree with me on some things, her viewpoint is very different in many ways from the "feminism" I remember from my childhood and holds a lot of interesting things that have given me much occasion for thought.

Plus, she can be funny as hell, I love her writing, and she's the only other woman vet I've run into for a long time, so this makes for some interesting discussions.

Anyway, she also manages to engender an awful lot of hostility, and possibly the occasional hate, due to her views and her means of presenting them. She pulls absolutely no punches on her blog, and if you don't abide by her stated rules, you're outta there. (Which is only fair, since it is her blog after all.) I mean, she pulls NO punches: she's not a person to say, "Gosh, perhaps there may be a misunderstanding" and work her way up to things. Hell, no! She's going to say, "Did you fucking READ the post?"

I seriously need to learn how to do that. I'm way too nice. (sushirob tells me that all the time.)

But that's a different story.

Anyway, I was wandering by her blog one day where she had written a post that discussed how there is nothing wrong with being a feminist and still wanting to do girly stuff like wear makeup and dresses and so forth. She was basically angry about the fact that people (often anti-feminists) will call women hypocritical if they say they're feminist and then wear eyeshadow or somesuch.

I was in a whimsical mood, as I often am lately, and so I posted the following comment:

Too bad there's not some kind of "Rabid Radical Feminist FAQ" where you can have things like,

"Q: Can I be a feminist and still wear makeup and cute sundresses?"

"A: Honey, nobody cares what the fuck you wear. We care more about what you think, WHETHER you think, and who you ARE and what you do. So wear Birkenstocks, shave your head, or get dressed up like the prom queen. This is all rather superficial, and while it's a reflection of societal expectations of women's value being related to their looks, we won't hold it against you if frilly things make you feel happy in some way.

Oh ...

But no Hello Kitty.

I mean, we have to draw the line somewhere."

'Cause, you know, that would rule.

Now, as I'm sure my long-time readers know, I have nothing against Hello Kitty. In fact, my fluffy, shiny, Hello Kitty ankle socks are some of my most prized possessions. (Shut up, Rob.) Not to mention, how could I possibly have been Glambo for Halloween without my pink-marabou-trimmed tiara?

However, this off-hand comment somehow began a small snowball which plummeted down the hill of of LJ comments, viciously crushing all in its path with the giant headless one-fang vampire of misunderstanding.

Wait, is combining a snowball with a headless vampire mixing metaphors? Damn English language!

Anyway, the point is that somehow, and without ever meaning to, my remark led to over 150 comments on this one post, and the repercussions ... GOD! The repercussions still flow.

[To be continued: Next - "Hello Kitty is a Rapist"]
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