mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Bad Kitty! Part II

[Part I]

The introduction of Hello Kitty, as one might imagine, took the discussion in a completely new direction. Ginmar somewhat gloomily predicted that she would be blamed for issuing some kind of "feminist fatwa" against Hello Kitty, and that fans of Hello Kitty everywhere would explode with rage. I disagreed. After all, I was the one who had posted the very controversial women's issue of whether or not to wear head-to-toe Hello Kitty. She was merely the unfortunate owner of the blog in which I made the comment.

The whole post that she'd actually written was, as I said, devoted to the idea that things you wear and the way you like to look didn't have anything to do with your feminism, and shouldn't matter, while I, yes, I, suggested that everything was okay except Hello Kitty. Ginmar, apparently, is accustomed to being misunderstood or misinterpreted, though, and was not swayed by my argument that any trolls generated by this comment were rightfully mine!

"Don't forget, I think all men are rapists, too (according to them)," she pointed out sarcastically.

"But do you think that Hello Kitty is a rapist?" secret_x_stars, another poster, responded.

I tell you, I could NOT help myself. I couldn't.

You see, the other day, I had, for some bizarre reason, been considering the statement "All sex is rape." I believe this can be attributed to Andrea Dworkin in the 1970's when there was no such thing as "date rape" or "marital rape" and, in many cases, "No" didn't mean "No" as it mostly does today.

Anyway, this premise was something that, on the surface, I found rather ridiculous. I've never really read much feminist literature since college, and that only when I had to, so I didn't know any of the reasoning that surrounded why this statement was ever made. It occurred to me, however, that it might be interesting to try to figure out, on my own, if it were possible to back up that statement with anything resembling logic.

I brought it up with my Internet penpal since we tend to discuss all sorts of weird issues such as absolute morality, the Sapir/Whorf hypothesis, whether it's bad to laugh at the picture of a cat that's been hit by a car lying by the side of the road next to which someone has put up a sign with an arrow pointing to it reading "Free Cat," and what sort of breakfast we would be if God were to turn us into a breakfast tomorrow.

Since neither of us agreed with the statement, we were able to have a several thousand-word discussion trying to find reasons to believe it, and although I haven't heard any actual feminist say "all sex is rape" ... well ... ever, it was interesting to find a communist treatise on the subject where the author brought up an intriguing perspective on the whole thing.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I had this "all sex is rape" thing stuck in my head, so that when I saw "do you think Hello Kitty is a rapist," I could NOT stop myself.

I mean, you would have done the same, right? Any one of you. It was left WIDE OPEN! So what else could I do?

Of course, I posted the following:

All sex is rape.

There exists a Hello Kitty vibrator.

A vibrator is a sex toy.

Therefore, Hello Kitty is a rapist.


Wouldn't you have done the same? Honestly, now. Isn't the above just the epitome of what an anti-feminist would think a feminist would say? Seriously -- people who have a mad on for feminists probably sit around and go, "those damn radical feminists think all sex is rape and so Hello Kitty is a rapist, the bitches!"

In hindsight, perhaps I should have posted it with more smileys, or a THIS IS SATIRE tag, but at the time, it seemed so ridiculous and hilariously funny, that I felt smileys would be redundant.

"And the best part," I mused jokingly, "is that it was my comment, but ginmar will get blamed for it!"

Yes, yes, it's all part of my clever plan to bring down that most American of all American icons, Hello Kitty.

Hm. What's that?

Wha ... "Hello Kitty" is Japanese?


Anyway, my effort was not unappreciated. "You win at logic!" posted another visitor.

"Tell that to my philosophy professor in college," I grumbled.

The bastard did NOT understand my brilliance in proving that Stevie Wonder is God.

God is love.
Love is blind.
Stevie Wonder is blind.
Therefore, Stevie Wonder is God.

Philistine! I tell you. You just can't get good professors these days. But I'll have my revenge: since he never let Stevie Wonder into his heart, he's definitely going to hell.

That'll larn 'im.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the repercussions.

Well it came to pass that secret_x_stars thought the Hello Kitty comment was hilarious, and wanted to Metaquote it. I didn't particularly see anything wrong with that. After all, it was an obviously satirical statement and not very important in the scheme of things.

So she posted it. Not long after that, the aforementioned vampire snowball thing began to happen. I was in for a big surprise.

[To be continued. Next: "OMG WE ARE ALL RAPISTS"]

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