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Bad Kitty: Part IV - The Finale

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I really haven't been reading ginmar's blog for very long. I'd seen a lot of references to people putting words in her mouth or otherwise interpreting things that she'd said in a manner that wasn't intended, but I just figured, you know, that happens to everyone sometimes. It wasn't until this time that I noticed what strong emotions the very mention of her name could inspire in people, and I found the sheer level of animosity interesting, particularly because I was the one who originally posted the comment.

I mean, as I've mentioned before, she pulls no punches, and calls 'em like she sees 'em. If the way she sees 'em is "you're a fucking idiot," well, that's pretty much how she calls 'em. Plain, simple, and straightforward. And honestly, "you're a fucking idiot" will probably tend engender a certain level of hostility in a person. Personally, I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, even with my Hello Kitty AK-47 at my back, know what I mean?

Not that I *have* a Hello Kitty AK anymore.

At least, not since Charlie made me "un-sissyfy the weapon." Philistine. Men have no sense of aesthetics sometimes, I swear. Really, I think the Hello Kitty AK is the perfect accessory for the T-shirt that reads, "Please don't hurt me: I'm unarmed," and, as we all know, the correct accessorization is a must for any fashionable trip to the rifle range.

Oh, sorry. What was I talking about? Oh yes: ginmar and how she somehow manages to instill a sort of instinctive snarl and bite reaction into people somehow.

Well, this was really too good an opportunity to pass up! I could go onto her blog, make any kind of whacked out statements I wanted, and SHE would get blamed!

I thought about it, because really, after some of the previous comments, it was a bit difficult to come up with something appropriate.

"All sex is rape" and "all men are rapists" had been done, as had "Hello Kitty is a rapist." Plus, we'd even gone down the road of "OMG WE ARE ALL RAPISTS," which, in hindsight, I really think would have been a lot funnier if I'd spelled it "RAPESTS." The point is, it was hard to think of something to frame ginmar for that hadn't already either been done, or wasn't totally outrageous, or both.

Finally, in a flash of brilliance, it came to me:

"Cute Puppies and other fluffy baby animals should be outlawed because they are cute and that brings out the nurturing instinct which only serves to reinforce the woman-as-mother stereotype!!!"

Yes, that was the thing. THE thing. The very thing indeed!

The idea of outlawing precious baby fluffies would definitely cause outrage in the hearts of everyone, everywhere! I considered creating a fake LJ account, in order to go over to the baaaaabyanimals community and post "Look what that awful ginmar is suggesting!" I regretfully decided against it, though. Too easy. Far too easy.

And besides, I really wouldn't want to get banned from baaaaabyanimals because, you know, come ON: baby animals! It's better than OMG PONIES!!!

I satisfied myself with merely posting that statement in the comments on her blog, then I sat back and waited to hear it attributed to ginmar on Hannity and Colmes.

Sadly, it appeared the furor had died down. Nothing on Fox News. Nothing on The O'Reilly Factor. Nothing, in fact, on anything I could find. Apparently, my brush with radical feminism (and radical anti-feminism) had faded away like yesterday's news in order to make room for more important things such as the world's largest tomato and the latest sports scores.

After a few more half-hearted posts, the saga was over, Hello Kitty was forever exonerated, and I was able to relax, kick back in my fluffy pink Hello Kitty socks, brush my teeth with my Hello Kitty toothpaste ("Happy Rainbow Flavor!") and take a nice hot bath with my Hello Kitty bubblebath.

And we all lived happily ever after.

At least, until the next time I can think of something to blame on ginmar.

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