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Things you miss when you don't read the comments

Most of you probably grew up thinking (if you thought about it at all), "Meh, the moon landing. Big deal." But back in 1969, it was a huge deal. Walking on the moon was pretty much science fiction to a lot of people, and many believed it couldn't be done. Hell, a lot of people today still believe the whole thing was a fakeup.

There's actual audio out there from the moon landing if you care to search for it, but really, it's a bit dull. "That's one small step for a man" yadda yadda. If anything about the moon landing was faked up, I think it was probably that audio.

Think about being the first person to, say, travel at faster-than-light speed, or, perhaps, walk on the surface of the sun. Science fiction, right? I can't help but think that's how these guys must have felt when walking, for the first time, on The Fucking Moon.

Thanks to photog42 for the link to the audio (in the comments, btw, which is why you should always read the comments) and mad props to The Evolution Control Committee who put the audio together in the first place. I found the video later. If nothing else, this is one of the funniest audio tracks I've ever heard in my life.

NOTE: contains adult language. Lots of it. If you're at work or around small children, consider listening with headphones or with speakers turned down.

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