mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Why Charlie is Teh Evil: Reason #473

My nephew Scott, who recently got married, is off at Basic Training for the Army, or, as some refer to it, "Boot Camp."

Boot Camp is a place where they give you boots, and you polish them a lot. You also do many, many, many pushups. There's some other stuff that happens, like running around and rifle/grenade/etc training, but most of the time is devoted to boots and pushups.

And yelling on the part of the Drill sergeants.

At least, that's mainly what I remember.

Anyhoo, Basic is a very BOO-YAH kind of environment. It's very ... hm ... macho, I guess might be a good word in a lot of ways. You do pushups for any kind of minor infraction, or just because the Drill sergeant is feeling a bit testy.

We just got Scott's mailing address today.

Charlie wrote him a letter.

On the address side of the envelope, the return address is simply a picture of a beautiful rainbow, with the words, "Scott's Homosexual Lover" printed at the top.

On the reverse side is printed, in large friendly letters, "MAKE ME PAY WITH PUSHUPS."

If you've ever been through Basic Training, I don't think I have to tell you what the result of Scott's receiving this letter will be. Either one of those messages by itself would suffice to make anyone's Basic Training environment a complete nightmare in so many ways I cannot even fathom it.

If you haven't, you must simply take my word for it that Charlie is evil.

Personally, I think he's getting revenge for the time his Dad sent him a similar letter when he was in Basic.

But I prefer to think that he's just Teh Evil.
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