mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Fashion Crisis!

So, I've finally narrowed down what I'm going to wear tonight to two (possibly three, but pretty much two) dresses. I'm talking to banshree, and I mention that I still haven't quite decided what I'm going to wear.

She says, "You should wear that glittery dress with the gold that we got at the garage sale last time."

Oh my God. I had completely forgotten about that. I had almost decided what to wear, and here was another wrench in the works. AIEE!

So now, I have not only the cocktail-length, empire waist, velvet dress with the cute little sequin-trimmed half jacket and the full-length, strapless but held up by six rhinestone strings attached to a black collar to choose from, but also the shades of gold and brown slinky fluttery cocktail-length with the gold glitter to choose from.

Possible save: go see if the brown/gold one will clash with Charlie's suit. Yes. A good idea.

*runs upstairs*

*holds the glittery dress up to Charlie's suit*

Yep. It'll clash.

Whew. Back to two.

That was a close one.

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