mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Psychic Fair Safety Tips

After the last couple of days, I've devised some important safety tips for those attending Psychic Fairs.

1) If you are a gemstone or bead-aholic, never, never, NEVER bring cash, checkbook, credit cards, or any form of negotiable currency to the psychic fair.

2) If you love amazingly fabulous smelling scented candles, incense, and/or aromatherapy-type stuff, do NOT bring cash, checkbook, etc to the psychic fair.

3) If you love silks and satins and vevets and long, flowy, drapey clothing, robes, dresses, scarves, etc, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT bring cash, checkbook, and ESPECIALLY not credit cards to the psychic fair.

4) Putting up a sign stating "FREE LOVE" can be misinterpreted in some unfortunate ways.

5) So can "Hugs: $5.00."

6) In fact, selling hugs may not actually be legal. Check your state regulations.

7) If you walk up to someone doing psychic readings, and they ask you your name, responding with "You should already know my name! You're the Psychic!" is not considered funny. And they've heard it before. About seventy-five million times.

8) Most importantly: do not, under any circumstances, bring cash, checkbook, credit/debit cards, etc, to the psychic fair. And if you follow this rule, don't suddenly change your mind and ask your daughter to put it on hers and you'll pay her back, because, I mean, come ON -- there was a reason you didn't bring money, right?

I hope these tips prove useful to you the next time you attend a Psychic Fair.

Thank you, and blessings.
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