mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Interlude: Holiday Cheer

According to the email, our managers had finally picked the date and venue for the office Christmas ... err ... I mean "Holiday" party. Now, usually, Charlie is not a party kind of guy. He'll go with me to things that are really important to me, like my high school reunion, but otherwise -- well, let's just say he'd usually rather not go, and I'd just as soon have him not go because he doesn't enjoy himself. If I go on my own, then I get to stay as long as I want without worrying about him, and he gets to sit at home and watch things like "Hostel" and "SAW" that he couldn't ordinarily watch with me there.

In other words, we've worked out a win-win for the whole office party thing.

Now, on rare occasions, Charlie decides he is, in fact, in a mood to deal with people from my office at one of these get togethers. It doesn't happen often, but I still ask him, just in case. So after receiving the email from the managers, I emailed Charlie and asked if he thought he might want to go.

His response about killed me.

"I think I'll have a total cheer allotment this year of maybe 5 hours total...I'm using 1.5 hours of cheer at work which only leaves a little left. I'm afraid I'll have to decline to make sure I have enough to last through the holidays."

I emailed him back, "That's totally going in the blog, you realize that, don't you?"

"I thought that might be the case," he replied.

Maybe Mom would like to go with me this year...
Tags: charlie, holiday, office party

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