mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

The Reunion, Second Night, Pictures only

Okay, a couple of pictures from the Formal night of the reunion. Dialup warning -- I did try to reduce the images a bit, but they're still big.

Here's me with my friend Jenna, who unfortunately has her eyes shut. I'm the one with the big grin and the long hair that is straggling out everywhere:

Here's a better shot of my dress. That's me in the middle, in between Laura (on the left) and Jenna (on the right). Doesn't Laura look fabulous? I almost mugged her for her outfit:

I think the dress makes me look a little chunky in that picture. It looked a lot better in real life. :-)

In that last one, we're on the dance floor. There was dancing. Did I mention that?


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