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"BRAMO IS A BOT" was written on a cryptic Post-It(tm) note I happened to see stuck to the door of my Mom's bathroom this morning. I was over there checking up on her, since she had a bad fall that gashed her forehead open and required four stitches earlier this morning, and at some point, I happened to answer a call of nature, which is how I noticed the message.

"Mom," I asked her when I came out, "What does BRAMO IS A BOT mean?"

She looked at me a bit quizzically. "What does WHAT mean?"

"BRAMO IS A BOT. It's written on a Post-It note on the inside of your bathroom door."

She considered this for a moment. "It's probably from Taylor," she decided. "Bring it here, and I'll translate it."

Taylor, by the way, is my six-year-old nephew who just started first grade this week.

"There's another one too," I told her. "It says GAND IS A BOX."

I went and got the mysterious Post-Its and brought them to her. She squinted at them through her glasses for a few minutes, holding them out farther away, then nearer in as she examined them.

"Well, that one probably means Gandi," she said, thoughtfully. (Gandi is Mom's Maltese puppy.) "And I don't think it's BOX. I think that's BOT, too."

"Okay, so what's it all about?" I asked her.

"I ..." she paused, and looked at me helplessly. "I have absolutely no idea."

"But you SAID you could translate!" I accused her.

"Well, yes, I thought I could but ... BRAMO IS A BOT ... BRAMO ... BOT ..."

She gave a little shrug, and we both started giggling. A thought occurred to me. "You know, Taylor's always saying 'such and such is a butt. Maybe that's 'but' and not 'bot.' The o isn't quite closed really. Maybe he's trying to say 'Gramma is a butt' but doesn't quite have 'Gramma' down yet."

Mom looked at me soberly. "You could be right," she admitted.

"But if you don't mind," she went on a bit loftily, "I'd prefer to think that he was trying to say BRAMO IS A BOT."

And, well, when it comes right down to it ... who wouldn't?

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