mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Just an everyday conversation ...

During a discussion of how some Christians don't seem to follow Christ all that well, someone mentioned something Christ said about "by their works shall ye know them," and asked, possibly facetiously, "Who said that, anyway?"

The answer?
Um ... Kris, or something?

Maybe ... Kris ... Kringle?

Yeah, that was it. Santa Claus said that.

That's why the really good people are Kristians and not Christians. The Kristians bring presents and joy while the Christians come in the night and eat your parakeet.

This is a little-known fact which I know only because of my broad-ranging research interests and my penchant for ancient languages.

But hey, no one likes a spelling Nazi.

So I'll just leave off here.

And now you know.

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