mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

I Can't Make This Stuff Up #47

I was sitting in my office yesterday, puttering about online, when I was suddenly startled by tremendous gales of laughter from Charlie's office next door. Now, when I say "laughter," that word just really doesn't begin to cover it. "Guffaw" is closer as is "cracking up" and possibly "laughing so hard your throat hurts and you cry and nearly pee your pants."

I looked over at him a bit curiously, and asked, "What's so funny?"

He couldn't speak. He kept trying to talk, but he'd get a word or two out and then double over laughing so hard he choked.

"Come on," I yelled, "what the hell are you laughing at?"

Finally, he told me. He had just received an email letting him know that the alumni from his old high school are having a Wine Tasting event as a benefit for the school.

Now, that, of course, in itself, is not so funny, and is really quite a nice gesture.

Until you find out that the Wine Tasting event is to benefit the annual "Alcohol-Free Graduation Party."

Apparently, the alumni committee members failed "Appropriateness 101."

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