mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

GI doc betting pool: The conclusion

Saw the GI doc. And the answer was, "So, how are you feeling now?" "Fine." "Okay, call us if you don't feel fine. Ka-CHING!"

He had a couple of ideas of what it could have been, but basically said, "No telling for sure. Keep an eye on it."

As an added bonus, he told me to stop losing weight and to take up drinking.

My doctor, mind you. Told me to take up drinking.

Yes, I'm serious.

Actually, he wants me to quit smoking and take up drinking, because he feels that drinking would be a better idea overall, so that kind of explains it, but still. I feel like I should have said, "Don't lose weight, and take up drinking. Can I get that in writing?"

And if he did put it in writing, I would frame it and hang it on my wall.

My blood pressure was 101/58 which is kind of low even for me (I'm usually around 110/60 or 110/70), but apparently nothing to worry about.

He also didn't have much to say about the fact that I lost 24 pounds in a day and a half (yes, really), although he looked a bit amazed.

No blood tests. No "intrusive testing" (as we call it at the phone company). No CT scans.

He further suggested that I really should see that dietician he recommended.

Other than that, though, it was pretty much a wash.

Le sigh.
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