mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

Interlude: Guns don't kill people -- but my Dad might.

Apparently, there is still something to be done at the Post Office passport office before Dad can do the thing. This morning, he stuck his head inside my office, and said simply, "I'm going to the passport place. Pray for me."

I made the sign of the cross, intoning, "Bless you, my son."

And he went away. No news as of yet on the passport front.

In other news, some genius decided that in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, it would be a good idea to deputize professors at the university here (of which Dad is one) to carry firearms so that they could nip such impolite behavior in the proverbial bud in future.

When Dad got home, he went straight to Charlie and asked him if he could get some gun training. Of course, Charlie was completely amenable to that, and even helped Dad pick out his new gun: the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum.

"Did you check out the bullet pictures?" Dad chortled with glee. "There was this tiny little .357 Magnum bullet and then this ARTILLERY SHELL!"

He stood there for a few moments pantomiming the classic Western quick-draw, twirl the guns, and holster them movement.

"I bet this will really improve my chances of promotion next year," he mused.

I understand the deputizing proposal is being brought to the Faculty Senate soon, and that the university Chancellor thinks it's a great idea.

Non-Dad-related, but on the topic of firearms, Charlie found out that there's going to be a gun show at one of the local casinos this weekend, but in remembrance of the Virginia Tech shootings, none of the vendors will actually be allowed to HAVE any guns at the show.

Um ...

I think I can let that speak for itself, other than adding Charlie's comment which was, "So, basically, it's going to be a crafts and beef jerky show."

Yes. I think that sums it up.


ETA: Lest you think I was making it up, here's a letter from one of the vendors for the "gun show". He doesn't sound happy, if you can imagine that.
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