mrsveteran (mrsveteran) wrote,

One Cruise, to go, Hold the Passport: The stunning conclusion

After all the trials and tribulations Dad went through to get his passport, I had to admit to some trepidations after he sent it off to Unfortunately for the blog (but fortunately for Dad), it came in the mail a few days after he'd sent off the final application.

It had his name correctly.

It had his picture.

It was even the correct color.

I, for one, am a bit miffed with for being so efficient. They have ruined, that's right, RUINED what was turning into an epic saga of tragedy and woe. I mean, they could have lost his paperwork, or misread the application so that his name wasn't correct on the final passport or something, but NO.

A couple of days, and poof! Here's your passport.


So, I know that it's a bit of an anticlimax, but it looks like Dad will be allowed to spend about an hour in the exotic foreign country of Canada on his way to his Alaskan cruise despite all the slings and arrows of outrageous Homeland Security.

And we all lived happily ever after.
Tags: cruise, dad, mom, one cruise to go hold the passport, passport, stories

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